Which Galaxy S 4 is right for you?

This year was a significantly different year for Samsung, as we used to have companies release one version of its flagship phone in one year, but since last year the situation has changed with Samsung and launched two Galaxy SIII and Galaxy SIII mini phones the small version of the phone The original, but this year Samsung has made 5 copies for the flagship Galaxy S4 phone, which makes some wonder with which phone is the right for me, in this report we will pass a quick passage on different phones and we hope that the report will help you in the appropriate choice.

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Galaxy S4

If we are going to start talking, there is nothing better than talking about the original phone and the spiritual father of the rest of the phones that we will mention in this report, which is the Galaxy S4, and compared to the rest, this phone may be considered the strongest among them. The phone comes with a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a density of 1080p, an eight or quad-core phone processor depending on the region, and it comes with an excellent 13MP camera.

Of course, the phone is full of useful applications in addition to its strength, for example there is a special application for fitness, and the camera contains many different phases and do not forget about the application for translation as well. As we mentioned, this phone is the most powerful among the rest of the phones that we will mention in this report, but it is also the most expensive phone among them, of course, the price of the phone is 2699 SAR or 2349 according to the version that you will get is 3G or 4G, but if the price is not An obstacle in front of you I advise you to get this phone.

Galaxy S4 mini

Although it may be similar to the Galaxy S4 in the form, but there is no comparison between it and the original phone in the specifications, the screen has become smaller and has a size of 4.3 inches with a density of 540 x 960, the camera has become 8MP from 13MP and the processor is a dual core processor at a frequency of 1.7GHz .

Of course, the weaker specifications mean that the price will be suitable for many better, as the price of the device in the region is approximately 1699 SAR.

Galaxy S4 Active

This phone is closer to the original Galaxy S4 in terms of specifications, but it is more solid and durable, this phone comes with a 5-inch screen with a density of 1080 x 1920 type LCD, a weaker 8MP camera and a dual-core processor at a frequency of 1.9GHz.

As we mentioned earlier, the screen has become LCD and not Super AMOLED which will make you notice that the colors are a little faded, and you will also notice the presence of physical buttons on the front and the body of the phone on the back are more solid, true that the camera is weaker, but you will be able to take pictures under the water and you will not face you Problems with getting wet.

Galaxy S4 Zoom

We may say that this phone is the Galaxy S4 mini phone, but with slightly better specifications and a camera that is great, the phone offers us a 16MP camera, that is, it is better than the Galaxy S4 phone in addition to the possibility of 10x optical zomm.

Dual-core processor at a frequency of 1.5GHz, and the features in the phone may be the zoom and take pictures while talking and share them quickly. Other than that, the thick body of the phone may make you think about going to the original Galaxy S4 or going to the phones of other companies if you are interested in photography a lot and its price is 1899 SAR.

Galaxy S4 Google Edtion

If you are one of the people who loved the Galaxy S4 but did not like the touchwiz user interface or the Samsung special modifications to the system then I think this phone is suitable for you, the phone offers the specifications of the Galaxy S4 but with a raw Android system.

The device is yet available for order in the United States of America or through the Google Store and the quad-core processor, and so far there is no clear news whether the processor will differ in the global version in the case that Samusng and Google launched it.

This was a quick passage on the features and weaknesses of the different Galaxy S4 phones, share with us in the comments which one of these phones you will get in case you are planning to get a phone from the Galaxy S4 family.
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