Ronald Wayne sold his Apple stake for $ 1,500 to lose $ 35 billion!

When we talk about Apple, big names like Steve Jobs that we talked about earlier in “Steve Jobs: The Man Who Changed the World” or Steve Wozniak are in mind, since we are the known people who started Apple in the first day of April. In the year 1976 AD, but one of the things that some may not know is that in the beginning the company would be based on three people and not just two people as most people know, there is Ronald Wayne, but why did Ronald not get his share of the fame as was the case with Jobs and Wozniak Especially that the company’s name has now become one of the most famous names in the world? This is what we will know now in this report.

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Ronald Gerald Wayne was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States of America on May 17, 1934, meaning that he is now almost 79 years old. Ronaldad worked with Jobs at Atari before he, Wozniak and Jobs founded Apple Computer in 1976, where his main role was to supervise the project. It is worth noting that it was Ronald who drew the first Apple logo in its entire history.

It was also he who wrote the original agreement on which Apple made the same. He also wrote the instruction manual for the Apple I computer, which was entirely made and manufactured by Wozniak and Jobs was the owner of the idea of ​​selling the computer.

Why didn't Ronald succeed or get the same fame and success as Wozniak and Jobs? Because he did not continue with the company even though he owned 10% of the company and gave up his stake after less than two weeks at nearly $ 800!

Later in the same year, Arthur Rock, the businessman, capital investor, Mike Markkula, the investor and second CEO of Apple in its history, came up with a business plan to turn the Apple partnership into an actual company, where they funded work on the Apple II, but what matters to us in this story is that Ronald earned $ 1500 in exchange for his stake in the company. It is worth noting that Apple's sales in the first year which is 1976 AD amounted to $ 174,000, and in 1977 AD sales increased to 2.7 million USD, and in the following year it increased to 7.8 million USD and in 1980 AD the company's sales reached 117 million USD In 1988, the company's sales reached one billion US dollars, and in 2012 it was stated that the value of the Apple company amounted to 626 billion US dollars, and in a later meeting with Ronald, he stated that he did not regret selling him for his stake in the company and stated:

Later, he talked about the company's project at the time, saying:

It will be successful, but there will be many obstacles along the way and I have not been able to take risks. I had a failed business experience before. I started older and these two were like storms. It was like catching a tiger from its tail and I couldn't keep up with these guys.

Later, Ronald rejected Jobs' attempts to return and work with them at Apple. He continued working for Atari until 1978 before working for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and then worked for an electrical company in Salinas in California.

At the moment, Ronald is retired, selling stamps and rare coins at Pahrump in Nevada, and throughout his life, no Apple device was acquired until 2011 when Aral Balkan gave him the iPad 2 at a conference in the United Kingdom.

He also opened a store selling stamps at the end of 1970 AD and the store was called "Wayne's Philatelics" and according to the wired website, he has approximately 12 patents, but he does not have enough money to turn it into reality.

The document that he wrote and how much is now priced

We mentioned earlier in this report that Ronald was the one who wrote the partnership document between him and Jobs and Wozniak and sold his share of 10% at that time. The last statistic took place in August 2012.

It is also interesting that Eduardo Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros and one of the wealthiest families in South America, bought this document at auction for $ 1.3 million!
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