Outlook and electronic review of the largest event CES 2013

You cannot be a tech geek and don't know what CES is, this exhibition is the largest annual global technology gathering, and takes place every year in the US city of Las Vegas. Major consumer electronics manufacturers gather annually to showcase their latest products and new innovations, and the exhibition will be an arena for viewing the masterpieces that the future holds for us. The truth is that CES, unlike some other exhibitions, does not focus on phones and tablets only, but that it is flooded with different products such as washers and televisions, and even some very strange products that may not be exported to the market in the distant future. In this special report we will look at some important products that we expect will steal the spotlight and rally followers during the four days of the exhibition.

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New Intel processors, especially for tablets

It seems that the UltraBook revolution will continue, and we will see many laptops appear, especially with the recent release of Windows 8 globally. It seems that the mobile devices will have a large share of ads during the exhibition.
But Intel also expects it to enter the world of tablets aggressively, through a processor Quad Core processor under the name Bay Trail-T will be released in 2014. It is also said that Intel wants to introduce new competitors for Qualcomm processors and a Tigra for phones, provides tremendous specifications and provides a lot of Battery life.

Android cameras are coming and professional

Well many of us have heard about the Galaxy camera from Samsung, and it seems that it is not the last camera we hear about using the famous Android system. According to news that is currently confirmed, the well-known phone manufacturer Polaroid is preparing to launch professional cameras that can change the lens and uses the well-known operating system Android. Will they be the only ones to announce similar cameras? We'll see, and Nikon and Canon may be preparing for similar steps, and the OS war will spread to photo enthusiasts, may God help them all.

4K or Ultra HD TVs are everywhere

Well we have reached the point that we were all afraid of, after we finally moved to HD TVs, this technology is out of date. Now all TV manufacturers want to introduce what is called 4K, which is twice the resolution that we currently use or known as 1080 p. Well, according to the testers and I am one of them, this impressive accuracy can only be experienced on the ground, but until you feel the difference, you should try it on a large size TV, and this is what is happening now, as companies offer 4K devices with sizes greater than 80 inches and reach higher than The 100 inch.

At CES, we expect all companies to offer ultra-large, ultra-high-definition 3D and UHD TVs, possibly with an internal hard disk and wifi capability. Well, but we also expect that the war of new sizes will start. Companies will compete for the largest possible size, and we will surely cry as we watch astronomical prices and we know internally that we will not be able to get them in the near future.

OLED displays and promises better this time

If you were following CES events last year, you will remember that OLED screens took a large part of the show, and there was a great competition between LG, Samsung and Sony through their press conferences, where they all presented their new OLED technologies. Well all the competitors participated in one result, which is that none of them were able to offer OLED devices in any of the global markets.

This year everyone will draw attention to these to know the future of OLED TVs or screens that we saw last year, and OLED screens are more exciting technology than just increasing the resolution that we see in 4K UHD. Let's consider this time that we get official issuance dates and prices that don't hurt hearts.

Everyone wants to see the Galaxy S4, but I would exclude that via CES. However, there are many expectations for the disclosure of new phones in any case at the exhibition. HTC recently released the Droid DNA phone in America silently, and the phone got very positive reviews from critics. There is news about HTC launching more phones at CES, and we may see more phones from Huawei and other companies as well. Everyone is currently looking to provide phones with better pixel density and high resolution of the screen, and also do not forget about the different capabilities to save battery consumption in general.

Last year we heard the unfortunate news that Microsoft will not present the opening word for CES as it has been the practice for many hours, but this year the platform will take Qualcomm to present the opening word. The processor manufacturer is expected to dazzle everyone from the start by announcing its new processors for the new year.

On the other hand, NVIDIA is preparing to reveal the expected Tegra 4 processor, whose specifications have recently leaked. The processor is expected to offer speeds between 1.8 to 2.0 GHz by the end of next year, and we may see its use on some Windows or Android tablets in the gallery. The Tigra 3 processor has been a great success and we have seen it on well-known devices such as Microsoft Service and Google Nexus 7.

Let us be satisfied with this amount today, and we hope that he has given you an overview of what to expect in the big event. Of course, our expectations are only a small part of what might happen, and there are always surprises in CES. With the conclusion, I would like to remind you to follow a website as usual during the period 8-11 January 2013 for a comprehensive coverage of all the events of the CES exhibition through the pages of our website as we always return to you.
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