Microsoft ... Why Nokia?

We all read that surprising news about Microsoft's purchase of the Nokia phone sector, some may ask, is this step important for Microsoft? What is the motive behind this deal? We will review some important points that prompted Microsoft to acquire the Finnish company.

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1- Not to lose its biggest supporters

According to some analysts, Nokia would have abandoned the Windows Phone 8 system. This is undoubtedly a painful blow to Microsoft, which is still building its system. Losing a company with a long name, Nokia will undoubtedly be a step backward for Microsoft, if not steps. The American company relies on Nokia and considers it as the woman who was said about it “behind every great man a woman”, there are no companies interested in Nokia in the Windows Phone system, HTC sometimes we hear about it that it will abandon wp, and Samsung is still neglecting the Windows Phone 8 system and companies As big as LG and Sony are still wary of putting this system in their phone. Where will the Windows Phone system succeed?

2- Making phones by themselves

Microsoft needed to manufacture phones by itself so that the Windows Phone system would be more stable and stable than it is now. Yes, it was known to be a software company, but with the CEO’s admission that the partnership did not go as they expected, so Microsoft needed to guarantee it first rather than thinking If you give it up, then work to ensure that there is a better compatibility between the system and the phone, merging the software experience with the experience of the mobile industry will constitute a strong product, as Microsoft seems to want to enter the market of smartphones and tablets, the device was the best evidence, Which leads us to the second point.

3- Strongly imposing itself among the hardware companies

Microsoft understands that the era of software will not fill its stomach. Microsoft is a giant company, especially since it is still the Sultan of computer systems, but computer sales are still declining, and it has failed so far in the tablet market, so it needs a new line that generates profits, And expanding its scope of work after it was a small company with the participation of a few devices such as Xbox and Service recently. Nokia is a really big company and it may serve it to swallow a satisfying share of the smart phone market. As for building a company from scratch, it will be tired and fraught with risks, and it will go through a long period that may take a long time to reach advanced centers in order.

On the other hand, if the rumors were true that Nokia was working on its own tablet, it is good to see this tablet under the name `` Service '', what I mean is cooperation and setting the features of Nokia's tablet with Microsoft tablet, this would 'guess' `` For the tablet to succeed and achieve what the previous generation of Microsoft's tablets failed. But what Microsoft has to do is restore the spark that Microsoft went.

4- Patents

If Microsoft wants to impose a position between smartphones and strongly, it must refrain from the cold war or the so-called war of patents, this war would distract the company’s ideas and attach the title of “thief or imitator”. If you do that, Microsoft will be able, for example, to put the features of the applications that Nokia has in its system, which allows Windows to be more comprehensive than the features rather than being limited to some of the features that the system currently has, which will increase the fan base of its system and perhaps open the appetite of more companies To adopt the American company system.

5- Staff do not know the impossible

Nokia employees are worthy of respect, so it is counted for them to work continuously and try to create reasons that make you move to their company, such as developing new applications and bringing companies to the platform, provided that their applications are exclusive, and a lot of things they put in Nokia phones. This group is undoubtedly an ambitious group and a good deal for Microsoft. Converting the business compass from Nokia to Windows will make us see new features in the system over the next year.

6- Ready CEO

Steve Ballmer is nothing but a chief executive with an expiry date that will expire after several months, during which time Microsoft will search for a new CEO, but why does she search a seasoned man like Elop? Microsoft wants a man with a history who can save Microsoft and achieve its ambition. Elop took Nokia out of the bottom and has what is known as the Fan boys who defend it a lot. Why? Because he was able to put features in Nokia targeting a group of people, such as those looking for a phone with a super camera, for example.

Microsoft knew what to do, so Elope will become the head of the hardware department at Microsoft now, without a doubt he will become the CEO, but after he acquires sufficient experience between the corridors of the American company and knowledge of work methods in it, if he becomes a CEO of Microsoft he will not become a new man who does not know what to do, That would be a step forward.

These were my expectations for the reasons why Microsoft acquired the Nokia, it may hit and may get wrong, but let's see your expectations for the reasons that made Microsoft make this deal.
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