From memory: the first Galaxy S was revealed

We know that the family of Samsung phones and Galaxy devices are very well-known brands, and it may be very difficult to list them, especially that they may have exceeded nearly 50 phones, this of course without we calculating the different tablets from Samsung or some other electronic device that You are using the Galaxy name.

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Today in this report we will talk about a very popular phone from the Galaxy family, and although it is not the first phone bearing this name from Samosong, but it is considered the phone that set fire to the wildfire of this brand and started and became one of the most famous brands in the world, Today we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S.

Advertising for the first time and technical specifications of the phone

The beginning was in March of 2010 at the CTIA - The Wireless Association when JK Shin, who headed the Samsung mobile communications division since that period, stood before everyone to announce the Galaxy S phone officially, it is true that the specifications of the phone at the present time are considered normal and has It is less than normal as well, but in that period it was considered very impressive, as the new phone at that time had a processor running at a frequency of 1GHz and it was an Exynos 3 processor and it was a single core of course, you could choose between internal memory starting with 6GB and ending with 16GB and It can be expanded using a microSD card to an additional 32GB, screen size of 4 inches with a density of 480 x 800 of the type Supe AMOLED r Wi-Fi, 5MP back camera, maximum image capture density up to 2560 x 1920, front camera on some VGA models, and it can shoot at 640 x 480 resolution and PowerVR graphics processor that can display 20 million frames per second Finally, the thickness of the phone was only 9.9 mm, and at that time it was considered the thinnest smartphone ever.

One of the interesting things is that the name “Galaxy S” is used only to unify the name of the different phones that have the phone that holds the model number GT-I9000, as the phone got different names such as Galaxy S Blaze, Galaxy S Aviator and Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G to distinguish the phone from A calling company from another telecom company, and as we mentioned earlier, there is more than one version of the Galaxy E phone from Samsung, and some of them contain some technologies that other versions of the phone do not contain.

The release and the good reputation the phone received

The phone was launched after being announced for the first three months later, and for more accuracy on the 4th of July 2010 in Singapore, and before the weekend arrives Samsung wrote a tweet from its official account on the social networking site Twitter that the Singtel network, which The only network that distributed the phone was that the quantities were completely over for them, the tweeting was written on day 6 of the same month, meaning that the phone ended within the limits of the two days or a little less.

Then, on the 25th of the same month, the phone started arriving in Malaysia and South Africa, after which it reached more than 110 networks in almost 100 countries.

He got the phone a lot of great impressions and reviews, a website for example gave it 9/10, the famous GSMArena site gave it a description:

Which comes in the sense of "the new leader of the Android herd", but the name of the review was describing that the phone came from outer space! And the famous Times Magazine chose to get the second place from the list of the top 10 things issued in 2010 and many references highly praised the phone and we cannot mention it here all.
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