First look: MSI S20 Slidebook Convertible

Certainly many of you are passionate about Windows 8 and its devices, today we will give you a first look at one of the most prominent Windows 8 devices that it unveiled during this year at the Computex exhibition, which is the MSI S20 Sidebook, and it is classified as one of the first Windows 8 convertible devices, of course the version that We are reviewing to you today it is not the final version yet.

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As is clear from the name of the device, this device is a tablet and a trapock at the same time, as you can use the device as a trapbook, “the touch screen will compensate you for the trackpad” and you can pull the screen to cover the keyboard, so you have a tablet running Windows 8.

We will focus here on the device in particular, while we will talk about the system and its details in a separate article later. The device for information has not been launched yet in most countries of the world, "it will be launched at the end of November in the United States of America. This slider will be available in black and white colors, it also comes with a 11.6 بشاشة screen and LED lighting with Full HD resolution 1080 × 1920 that supports multi-touch for 10 fingers and there is also an Intel HD 4000 graphics processor, on top of the screen you will find a front camera in HD.

The internal specifications of the device are not fixed yet, but what we got is a device with 4 GB of random memory and a 64 GB SSD storage space “There are copies that come with 128 GB” and of course the Ivy Bridge processor of the third generation Core i5 dual core. MSI S20 Slider also supports a number of outputs, including Ethernet output, mini HDMI output, two USB 3.0 outputs, headphone output, and do not forget about Bluetooth 4 and WiFi support, there is also at the top a button to raise and lower the volume and the screen fixation button “stop the rotation” And a play button on the right side.

The most important point that makes this device unique in the eyes of consumers is that it can be a tablet and a trapock at the same time and the only point that separates you from doing this is just pulling the screen down or up to start the transformation, but the strange thing is that this conversion and withdrawal process is rather heavy, you You will need to do this with both hands! Also, during opening and closing it, you will have a feeling that you are about to break it, perhaps because you are not accustomed to his strength.

MSI explained the reason to the quality of manufacturing, as it does not want the device to start disintegrating after a year of use, positive or negative. This point belongs to you, dear reader, if you really want a high-quality device or are you looking for ease of use.

The keyboard as you see it in the pictures is not in Arabic because, as we mentioned to you, the device has not yet been determined whether it will be available in our area or not, but let's talk about our experience of it in general, in fact it is not the best keyboard that you may have experience, when you In writing, you will notice that as you press the buttons, the keyboard is somewhat light, "blank on the inside", and it rushes upward when you lift your fingers. There is a problem with the “Rotation” of the screen in the auto mode. In many times, you will find the screen comes vertically in the horizontal use mode and you will suffer in order to return it to normal. Perhaps it is because this version is not the final version.

The battery performance of the device is very beautiful, as it lasts for almost 7 hours continuously. Do not forget to mention it is 3,900 mAh. The device in general is very beautiful, especially since it will be available for sale at a price of approximately $ 1,000. Middle East so that we can provide a complete review for him and answer all your questions about it.
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