Can everyone live without Google?

Google is one of the largest technical companies in our time, and the company specializes in many areas and owns huge projects that have made our daily lives significantly better. The company has many branches, including technical devices, including maps, cloud storage, and many other things, we will mention the company's success in it. Last year was an excellent year for Google, the search engine with the sweeping popularity Google still has a stake that far outweighs other competitors. According to ComScore, the Google search engine seizes 65% of Internet searches, leaving it a big gap between it and competitors.

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And in phones, Google is dominant and thanks to Android "Google's operating system open in smartphones." It is mentioned according to IDC readearch projects, in 2012 the share of participation in phones for Android was 68%, and the researcher adds that the percentage will be more than 60% during the year 2016. Of course this proportion is from last year’s research, at the present time and according to For a research you can find its details in an article we published here. Android captures 70.1% of smartphones, and if you read the article, you will find a very big difference between it and other operating systems and the shares of its participation in the market.

Last December, Google acquired over 500 million users for their social network, Google+. The first video to break the record of one billion views is a video you find on YouTube of the famous song and dance -Gangnam Style-. There are four billion views on YouTube every day, Gmail has more than 425 million users, making it the largest email provider currently. The famous browser Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and has 30% of the browsing on computers or phones.

Of course, this is all not to mention Google devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Nexus family expanded and did not become a secondary option as before, but rather it became one of the best devices and is the official interface for Android devices. We now have the Nexus 4, which is the smartphone prepared by LG, and we have the 7-inch tablet which is the Nexus 7 from Asus and finally the Nexus 10 tablet from Samsung. And do not forget the prices of Google's products that attract many buyers.

Google also expanded the field of screens and provided operating systems for smart screens and prepared them for entertainment greatly. In terms of other expansions, the company gained its position in the cloud storage with Google Drive, and expanded in the field of music with their service Google Music. Of course, do not forget about Google glasses
Under development and finally the driverless car that we will see in the coming years.
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