All you need to know about the Facebook Home interface

A few days ago, the largest social networking site Facebook, in partnership with the HTC smartphone giant, unveiled the first phone that works with the new Facebook Home interface which is intended for Android, and that offers a unique experience for the site's lovers. New, far from the Android system, and until we remove the ambiguity that some people may come up with, we present to you the first Arab review of the new interface, which was officially released for Android phones using the Ice Cream Sandwich or later.

space gray iPhone X

Lock screen or Cover Feed

Well, the first thing that you will encounter in any interface or Launcher for Android is the lock screen, here is a completely new lock screen away from the traditional one called the Cover Feed, where the latest updates to your Facebook account and posts from your friends and Facebook pages and groups will appear in the background With it, you can move by swiping left and right to see the updates, as it will appear at the bottom that a circle will appear in your account picture on the social site as soon as you click on it appears to us 3 options and it is directed to either the last application you used or to the application interface or to the application of Messenger in Facebook and withdraw your image One of them was to log in you want to.

Updates to the lock screen or Cover Feed

The most important feature of the interface is the appearance of your Facebook updates on the lock screen, which is called Cover Feed, and navigation between them is done by swiping from left to right, where you can click on or add a comment to the posts and updates that appear, by clicking on the comments icon, a box appears in the comments To participate with the ability to add your comment.

Another great feature is that your notifications will appear as rectangles and not in the notification bar for Android as well as on other interfaces and you can drag them to hide them or press them to go to them.

main screen

To go to the main screen you have to click on your image and drag it to the selection at the top, which directs you to the applications, where a residential box will appear that fills the screen almost, at the top of the box there are three options, the first is Status and by clicking on it you can update your status directly on Facebook, the second choice is Photo And clicking on it will direct you to the pictures in your phone, and you can choose a picture and add it directly to Facebook with the addition of a comment on it, also you can choose more than one image at once, the third option, which is Check-in, is to determine your location and share it on the social site directly.

As for the rest of the empty housing box, it is to add the most important applications that you want and use a lot, by swiping to the right you will go to the list of applications on your phone and you will notice that to move you should drag from the bottom up and not as usual, and by pressing and holding on any icon you can add to the main screen And I mean here the big residential box and this box can contain 12 applications and you can open a new residential box to add more applications, and you will need a lot to add the communication application because it does not exist automatically and you will not have every time you want to make a connection go to the application list And search for the communication application .

One of the nice moves is that you can head to the lock screen again by just swiping from top to bottom without having to turn off the screen.

Messenger and merging with phone messages

Well, one of the positive things in the interface is the Facebook Messenger application, as it has become integrated with phone messages, as it not only displays Facebook messages, but you will be surprised that you see your phone messages also present, but the shape of the icon next to the message differs if it is from phone or Facebook messages.

You can also write to your friend and receive his messages while using another application such as following a video, browsing the Internet, or browsing the Facebook application itself or on the lock screen and it will appear as a bubble. You can reply to it or drag it to a circle (x) at the bottom of the screen to get rid of it and Facebook launched the name Chat Heads on this feature, although it seems annoying, as if someone stuck to you and can show you what to send wherever you go, but it is practical to look like the phone communicates wherever and whenever and the matter comes back to you.
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